4X increase in the organic visibility of the platform in the first 4 months

Case Study

4X increase in the organic visibility of the platform in the first 4 months

Working with Orvador has been a great experience. The team is extremely

capable with SEO and proactive in coming up with implementable solutions. We have seen a 200% increase in our organic traffic from SEO and a 70% increase in SEM conversion at a lower cost.

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A.G Lakshmanan
Head, Online Giving at GiveIndia

GiveIndia is India’s one of the largest and most trustworthy donation platforms. With contributions of over 300 crores made to its 700+ vetted and trusted nonprofits, their giving community of 1M+ donors has impacted the lives of 4M+ people across 23 states in India.


Making the platform rank on top in India for keywords like donation and NGOs besides getting traffic from abroad.



Orvador optimized the website for SEO using focused keywords, technical SEO points, and local search visibility besides increasing traffic through paid ads.

Journey of Growth

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organic visibility

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visibility abroad

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paid marketing with low cost

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Highest SERP

for relevant keywords



Brand Trust

In the nonprofit sector, trust plays an important role. Hence, the challenge was to undertake SEO activities from the perspective of building trust as well. For example, timely use of the keyword and phrases like ‘trusted NGO’ partners or ‘due-diligence’ in meta tags and descriptions.


SEO Organic Visibility In India And Abroad

India has more than 3 million registered NGOs working on common issues in 29 states of India. Even if 1/10th of these nonprofits are digitally active, imagine the level of competition keywords like ‘Indian NGO’ would have. Hence, one of our challenges was to stay ahead of the competition and bring our client, GiveIndia on top of search results for keywords related to NGO and donation in India and abroad.


Local Search Traffic On NGO Pages

Local search traffic is the highest converting traffic given its relevance in terms of geography. With GiveIndia, our challenge was to channelize the local traffic from major Indian cities to its website from where most of the donations could come.

Process Undertaken By Orvador


Step 1: SEO Audit

We started by identifying the key areas related to SEO that required improvement. Areas that required strategic changes were Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and content.


Step 2: SEO Strategy

Based on the SEO audit, we designed a custom strategy for GiveIndia for the next 3 months.


Step 3: Execution

Following our strategy, we started implementing the suggestions to observe changes in outcomes.


Step 4: Improvements

We continuously kept an eye on the outcomes of our activities and modified our strategy and execution plans accordingly.



We kept the client updated and worked as an extended part of their in-house team. Orvador contributed to an increase in search metrics and traffic, such as

  • 1Organic traffic jumped more than 4 times.
  • 2The website started to get relevant visitors because of the relevant keywords including healthcare, education, etc.
  • 3The website also started getting organic visibility in European countries besides the USA, Canada, and Australia.
  • 4Organic traffic increased from local search keywords like “near me”. We also observed an increase in traffic from mobile users.
  • 5With paid ads, the client started to get 2-3 times more conversions with less CPA.

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