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Sustainability – The Mantra For a Brighter Future

Sustainability seems to be the buzz word these days; whether it is individuals or corporates, everyone seems to be working towards a “sustainable future”. The literal meaning of “sustainability” as per the Google dictionary is “prevention of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”. Basically, sustainability aims at fulfilling the needs of the existent life, with no negative effect on the fulfilment of the needs of our future generations. Orvador is a strong supporter of creating a sustainable ecommerce business, and constantly working on ideas for lesser impact on Mother Nature.

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5 Steps To Optimize Ecommerce Voice Search


What Is Google Voice Search?

Google Voice Search is a function that allows users to search on Google by ‘speaking’ instead of ‘typing’.

It can be used both on desktop and mobile where the user has to open the browser, tap on the microphone icon on the right-hand side of the search box and ‘speak’ what they are searching for. Google’s smart AI catches the phrase and then gives relevant results based on the user’s query.

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Returning Users – The Real Game Changer Of Ecommerce Business

 When we talk about the “traffic” in a particular website, it can be categorised into – 

  • New users – those who are visiting the website for the first time.
  • Returning users – those who have already visited the website once or more, within a fixed timeframe. It is imperative that the user has opened another session in the same web browser on the same device.

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How to Fix eCommerce Content Duplication Issues?


What is Duplicate Content in SEO?

Duplicate content is content that appears at more than one web address. It is basically a piece of content that is available on the internet in more than one place. Also called “thin content”, “duplicate content”, or “low-quality content” by some, content duplication is a serious issue when it comes to SEO.

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Ecommerce in India – what lies ahead!!

Whether we credit it to the technological advancement in India or to the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is definitely an upsurge in the volume of online transactions being done in India in the year 2020. Between February and June 2020, i.e., during the Covid-19 lockdown, Ecommerce in India has seen a growth of 117% with the delivery of just the essential commodities. Many players like Flipkart and Amazon have seen a steep rise in the number of their users.

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29 eCommerce SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

As an eCommerce SEO specialist, I have come to experience that doing SEO for eCommerce websites is one of the most challenging tasks. Whereas every webmaster must keep themselves updated about the Google SEO algorithm updates, it is also super important to make sure you get the basics right to master advanced eCommerce SEO.

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SEO Jargons Made Simple For Clients with funny examples!

Learning all the ins and outs of SEO vocabulary and jargon can feel like learning another language.  

On top of it, making your client familiar with this SEO jargon is a different task in itself.

Over the years I have had very interesting conversations with my clients which have helped me to come up with my own storytelling way to make them understand various aspects of SEO.

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Organic Traffic recovery from Google’s 4th May 2020 Update – Know it all

One of our clients was NEGATIVELY HIT by the latest Google’s 4th May 2020 update and witnessed a traffic drop of 80%.

A potential client approached Orvador in June to get rid of the Google penalty. A Google penalty means trouble and hence we spent a good amount of time to understand how serious was the hit and what caused it.  Continue reading “Organic Traffic recovery from Google’s 4th May 2020 Update – Know it all”

6 Effective Growth Hacking Tips to kick-start your eCommerce store

It is surely very daunting to get the first few sales on if you have launched a new e-commerce site or you have a completely new business.  Add to it, there are multiple online stores of all kinds, which have swept the sector with amazing sales numbers.  Do you ever think what the common factor is?

That is indeed a million dollar question with a simple answer…

Strategy… Tactics… Campaigns…!

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